All the time that I click on letitbit download link I need to enter my premium code, and for me it`s a hell…
So to fix this situation I write this Google Chrome extension that should make a life with service more pleasant.
So what this extension do? The answer is very simple this extension take your premium code and automatically enter it to a needed field and redirect directly to a download page,
but to use this application you need to have a premium code!

Download link: Letitbit Auto Link

Also some screenshots:

Options page, this is a place where you need to insert your premium code

Loading screen, preparing to redirect to links page

Links page

Hi everybody,
I was pretty busy also my laptop died so I didn’t have time for blog and side development…
But I want to notice that I read all comments and I promise to fix all bugs that been found, and add new functionality.

Stay tuned 😉

btw: firefox 3.5 rocks!!!
btw2: upgraded to wordpress 2.8 so if you find any bug please report it.