All the time that I click on letitbit download link I need to enter my premium code, and for me it`s a hell…
So to fix this situation I write this Google Chrome extension that should make a life with service more pleasant.
So what this extension do? The answer is very simple this extension take your premium code and automatically enter it to a needed field and redirect directly to a download page,
but to use this application you need to have a premium code!

Download link: Letitbit Auto Link

Also some screenshots:

Options page, this is a place where you need to insert your premium code

Loading screen, preparing to redirect to links page

Links page

Recently I found this great widget service and I want to share it.
So the main idea of Zooshia is give you more social ability then ever.
Here some short description about this widget service:

ZOOSHIA – the first social widget which enables websites and blog owners to mix feeds from across the social web from multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube),
pack them together and embed them onto their blog or website, with a costumed look&feel.
ZOOSHIA is simple & free to use.

You can add up to 10 different feeds from across the social web into 1 widget!
Please note that you can add any public facebook page, twitter profile or YouTube channel onto one widget!

Link to widget service: Zooshia

PHP Shell Detector is a php script that helps you find and identify php shells. It also has a “web shells” signature database that helps to identify “web shell” up to 99%. By using the latest javascript and css technologies, php shell detector has a light weight and friendly interface . The main features is that if you’re not sure about a suspicious file, you may send it to the team.  After submitting your file, it will be inspected and if there are any threats, it will be inserted into a “php shell detector” web shells signature database and the next time this file will be recognized positively.


Modal popup with suspicious functions use
Positive shell recognition ( suspicious functions list with ability to check what kind of function used)
in case that shell not recognized you can always send it to and they will inspect the file
Report with total suspicious and shells files that was found


  • extension – extensions that should be scanned
  • showlinenumbers – show line number where suspicious function used
  • dateformat – used with access time & modified time
  • langauge – if I want to use other language
  • directory – scan specific directory
  • task – perform different task
  • report_format – used with is_cron(true) file format for report file
  • is_cron – if true run like a cron(no output)
  • filelimit – maximum files to scan (more then 30000 you should scan specific directory)
  • useget – activate _GET variable for easy way to recive tasks
  • authentication – protect script with user & password in case to disable simply set to NULL
  • remotefingerprint – get shells signatures db by remote


Number of shells in signature database is: 141





jqVideoBox is jquery port of  Videobox (mootools) lightbox for videos jqVideoBox is jquery lightbox for videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion, Revver, Veoh, Vimeo, Smotri, Vkontakte, Rutube,, and custom flash.

Download: Download jqVideoBox v 1.5.1

Demo: Demo jqVideoBox




Parameters list:

* width – Width of the lightbox
* height – Height of the lightbox
* animateCaption – Enable/Disable caption animation
* defaultOverLayFade – Default overlay fade value
* flvplayer – Path to default flash player
* getimage – Get image from service
* navigation – Activate navigation
* thumblin – fetch thumbnails from service (getimage need to be active, activated by default)


– 1.5.1 added support for, needed),,, support added, fetching thumbnails from

– 1.5 added support for,,,,
added paging in specific group
some minor fixes
swfobject 2.x support added

– 1.00 ported from mootools plugin videbox ( to jquery

Fancy facebook-like dynamic inputs with auto complete & pre added values. If you have any comments or requests, please post them and I will try to include all the requested features in the upcoming release.

Download: Download FCBKcomplete

Demo: Demo FCBKcomplete



Please use github for bug report


json_url: "fetched.txt",
cache: true,
filter_case: true,
filter_hide: true,
newel: true

json_url                   – url to fetch json object
cache                        – use cache
height                       – maximum number of element shown before scroll will apear
newel                        – show typed text like a element
addontab         – add first show element on tab or enter hit
firstselected          – automaticly select first element from dropdown
filter_case              – case sensitive filter
filter_hide              – show/hide filtered items
filter_selected      – filter selected items from list
complete_text     – text for complete page
maxshownitems – maximum numbers that will be shown at dropdown list (less better performance)
maxitems              – maximum item that can be added to the list
onselect                 – fire event on item select
onremove             – fire event on item remove
delay                      delay between ajax request (bigger delay, lower server time request)
attachto         – after this element fcbkcomplete insert own elements
bricket – use square bricket with select (needed for asp or php) enabled by default

Add item public method (how to use):
$(“elem”).trigger(“addItem”,[{“title”: “test”, “value”: “test”}]);


– 2.8.4 cache object fix by @tedberg

– 2.8.3 no more eval use
* public function addItem and removeItem fix (thanks to Yaron)

– 2.8.2 json_cache bug fix
* new option added “bricket”
* newel bug fix thanks to Matt

– 2.8.1 some minor bug fixes
* added selected attribute to preselected option thanks to @musketyr
* fixed cache entry with space thanks to Matt

– 2.8.0 bug fixes
* added jquery 1.6 support please note that old versions of jquery not supported
* cache mechanizm updated

The web is a generative and wild place. Sometimes I think I missed my calling; being devious is so much fun. Too bad my parents brought me up with scruples.

Most phishing attacks depend on an original deception. If you detect that you are at the wrong URL, or that something is amiss on a page, the chase is up. You’ve escaped the attackers. In fact, the time that wary people are most wary is exactly when they first navigate to a site.  more>>

Recently one of my friends asked me to check his e-shop on the fact that upon entering the SSL page, the buyer has received popup with message “Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” that and probably because of this message some buyers simply closes the browser window and leave the store without buying anything.

I immediately realized that most likely this popup message refers to some sort of forgotten images that appealed directly to http path, and of course I agreed to help him. But after half an hour I realized that I was mistaken … all images loaded via SSL and nothing was pointed to http path directly. After several tests with fidler I realized that the problem is not so simple.

After several tests and few cups of coffee the problem was solved, and as luck would have it proved to be quite trivial thing …
When flash object added to page there several default parameters added by default like “pluginspage” or “codebase” with pointing to adobe site throw http that may be interpreted as internet explorer as a request to the HTTP page. After simple change this problem was solved.

So if you encounter a similar problem simple change will help to solve this problem. For example:

from: pluginspage = “http:/ /”

to: pluginspage = “/ /”