Fancy facebook-like dynamic inputs with auto complete & pre added values. If you have any comments or requests, please post them and I will try to include all the requested features in the upcoming release.

Download: Download FCBKcomplete

Demo: Demo FCBKcomplete



Please use github for bug report


json_url: "fetched.txt",
cache: true,
filter_case: true,
filter_hide: true,
newel: true

json_url                   – url to fetch json object
cache                        – use cache
height                       – maximum number of element shown before scroll will apear
newel                        – show typed text like a element
addontab         – add first show element on tab or enter hit
firstselected          – automaticly select first element from dropdown
filter_case              – case sensitive filter
filter_hide              – show/hide filtered items
filter_selected      – filter selected items from list
complete_text     – text for complete page
maxshownitems – maximum numbers that will be shown at dropdown list (less better performance)
maxitems              – maximum item that can be added to the list
onselect                 – fire event on item select
onremove             – fire event on item remove
delay                      delay between ajax request (bigger delay, lower server time request)
attachto         – after this element fcbkcomplete insert own elements
bricket – use square bricket with select (needed for asp or php) enabled by default

Add item public method (how to use):
$(“elem”).trigger(“addItem”,[{“title”: “test”, “value”: “test”}]);


– 2.8.4 cache object fix by @tedberg

– 2.8.3 no more eval use
* public function addItem and removeItem fix (thanks to Yaron)

– 2.8.2 json_cache bug fix
* new option added “bricket”
* newel bug fix thanks to Matt

– 2.8.1 some minor bug fixes
* added selected attribute to preselected option thanks to @musketyr
* fixed cache entry with space thanks to Matt

– 2.8.0 bug fixes
* added jquery 1.6 support please note that old versions of jquery not supported
* cache mechanizm updated