jqVideoBox v 1.5.1


jqVideoBox is jquery port of  Videobox (mootools) lightbox for videos jqVideoBox is jquery lightbox for videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion, Revver, Veoh, Vimeo, Smotri, Vkontakte, Rutube, Mail.ru, Qip.ru and custom flash.

Download: Download jqVideoBox v 1.5.1

Demo: Demo jqVideoBox

Github: http://github.com/emposha/jqVideoBox



Parameters list:

* width – Width of the lightbox
* height – Height of the lightbox
* animateCaption – Enable/Disable caption animation
* defaultOverLayFade – Default overlay fade value
* flvplayer – Path to default flash player
* getimage – Get image from service
* navigation – Activate navigation
* thumblin – fetch thumbnails from thumbl.in service (getimage need to be active, activated by default)


- 1.5.1 added support for smotri.com, vkontakte.ru(hash needed), rutube.ru, video.mail.ru, video.qip.ru
thumbl.in support added, fetching thumbnails from thumbl.in

– 1.5 added support for dailymotion.com, blip.tv, revver.com, veoh.com, vimeo.com
added paging in specific group
some minor fixes
swfobject 2.x support added

- 1.00 ported from mootools plugin videbox (http://videobox-lb.sourceforge.net/) to jquery

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  1. Nice script you make! I’m using it in sharePoint right now, good job! for you rinformation the original videoBox isn;t working in SharEpoint, this one is :)

    Question: is it possible to get a dynamic width of the overlaying window so the video fits all time?

  2. This is great but I’m struggling to get videos to play with the custom flash player. I have my clips in FLV format and I link to that, and then the videobox window loads fine, but I just get blank where the player is expected to be and a right click simply says “movie not loaded..” – any advice is welcome!

  3. please can u let me know how can we integrate with vimeo?

  4. $(document).ready(

    Where do i add this, i added in site template and actual html and stilld doesnt work, al .js˙s are on site and loading

  5. How do I use the parameters?

  6. Has anyone requested that Adobe’s OMSF Flash Player be added to this script? Beyond the master configuration for all videos on the site (like playbar options) it would only require the unique URL to the FLV and maybe an additional value for the image for the poster frame.

    This request is a at the edge of my abilities but thought it might be a good challenge for someone to try and implement. It seems to be a nice options until html5 catches up.

    Thank you for your work on this jQuery version of VideoBox!

  7. Hello,
    nice plugin! However I am having a small problem. I am trying to open a .mov video with this plugin. It works fine in Chrome and Safari. in IE9 has some small problems and Firefox is not working at all. Do you know what could be the problem? thanks

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