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Few days ago I got some strange email from facebook administration.

To the developer of application ID #8122507078 (emporu!at!,  

Your Facebook application, Pro Counter, is currently in violation of the Platform Policy rule 2.4 (see Specifically, please note that applications cannot track visits to a user’s profile, whether aggregated anonymously or identified individually.

We have verified that your application does in fact tell users that your application provides functionality that is in violation of our policies.  Please make the necessary changes to your application so that it is not in violation of this rule.  If you are unable to or unwilling to make these changes, we are requesting that you delete your application.  Failure to comply with our policies may result in the removal of your application.

Please come into compliance with the Developer Terms of Service and remove all instances where your application provides details regarding tracking users or remove your application as soon as possible, but no later than 5:00 pm Pacific time Monday, 15 September 2008.

Please note that this same violation and any other additional violations within this application or other applications managed by you or your team may be reflected as a second violation. We strongly encourage developers to check their applications to ensure that the same violation does not occur within multiple applications.

Please reply-all to this email to indicate that you have received this notification, and again to tell us when, to the best of your knowledge, all violating content has been removed.

Thank you,

Facebook Platform Developer Operations & Support

—–Original Message to Facebook—–
From: Developers of Pro Count (Application ID: 8122507078) (emporu!at!
Subject: Notice of Violation (Application ID: 8122507078): Immediate Action Required

Ticket created manually by Greg
—–End Original Message to Facebook—–



Today 18.09 but application still working, from this I can understand two things

  1. Facebook have very complicated structure.
  2. Scam letter from one of competitors.

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