1. Did you find out if this was a scam.

    Even if not this is against Facebook platform policy, we were considering a ‘anayltics’ application but when we read the policy it defintely mentions that this would not be allowed.


  2. Any plans on bringing FS back in another form? Perhaps as an offsite webpage that can track through a generic app and log the data on an independent site? Possibly opening up the course for ad revenue… Just a thought. I was one of the original ten users and always tried to assist on the forums as well as make sure the community would expand to trusted users.

    Anyways, send me an email or let me know if there are any plans to re-implement things. I would be happy to help in any way.

  3. Look’s like it’s finally gone, shame really, it showed me the holes in facebooks privacy model as every so often people that were not on my friends list would show up as having visited my profile, even though I had supposedly locked down my profile to friends only, which I do as I like to a have private away from work!

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